The IA851025 comes in at a modest 5 Lbs making IA851025 the heaviest most stable auto pool filler on the market. Keep your pool water the perfect level year round with the IA851025 Staypoollizer.  
Above Ground pool owners no longer need worry about their pool water getting low. The IAABGR Staypoollizer monitors and corrects the water level automatically keeping your above ground pool at  the perfect level year round.

IA851025 Staypoollizer Premium - In Ground Pool - Automatic Water Leveler

IAABGR Staypoollizer Premium - Above Ground Pool - Automatic Water Leveler

Regardless of the size, shape or type of pool you have the Staypoollizer can remove the constant worry of low water levels possibly damaging your expensive pool equipment. Providing automatic water level monitoring and adjustment 24 hours a day 365 days a year, allowing you the piece of mind your pool water is exactly where you want it to be.

The Staypoollizer products were originally created for professional swimming pool cleaning companies. Tested by professionals, the Staypoollizer has evolved to the markets most durable and dependable solution for maintaining the water level in your swimming pool. Try one today and join the tens of thousands world wide that can relax knowing their pool is always full.

Quality and dependability have been our goal since the inception of this product and we streamlined the design of the Staypoollizer by eliminating complicated and costly electronics, adjusting needle valve and auxiliary basin systems, with the mind set that you can't break what's not there. The result is a system that offers unmatched durability and years of dependability with the piece of mind your pool water is at the perfect level year round.
Have You Checked Your Pool Water Level Today ?
The Staypoollizer products monitor and maintain the pool water level,relieving the pool owner of the mundane habit of continually filling the pool. The units are self contained and ready to use out of the box. The customer need only hook the unit to any standard water hose, adjust the unit to their preferred water height and place it on the edge of their pool.
STAYPOOLLIZER Performance You Can Depend On